Polyurethane Foam Re-Roof

Mid 20th Century Construction

One of the great fears with mid-century construction is “Asbestos”.  By installing a Spray Foam Roof System over an old heat absorbing asphalt based roof, we have encapsulated any asbestos containing materials in accordance with EPA standards.

We can eliminate, in most cases, the need to tear off and remove the asbestos which makes it friable or air born.  It laminates it in place because of its fluid applied properties.

Not only can we eliminate a potential $10,000.00 asbestos abatement nightmare and the hazardous condition, we are adding an R-7 per inch of foam to a home that was built before good energy standards were developed in Las Vegas.

Never reroof again by installing a lifetime roof.  Lower your power bill. Eliminate a potential environmental hazard.  Have a leak free roof for ever with a lifetime warranty.