Nevada Energy

Restoration of a leaky single-ply roof.

If you have ever wondered, “What would the power company do to save money?” Now you know.

They would call MAC Roofing Services to install a highly reflective 100% silicone restoration coating.

As can be seen below, this building structure had an old leaky rubber/single ply roof and just like an old tire lying out in the desert heat, in the one of the harshest Ultra Violet climates on earth, it failed.  The rubber dried out and developed pin holes and then it leaked, like a colander straining peas.

Yes! NV Energy gets a power bill every month too and while they may not want you to know how they lowered their own power bill, now you know.  The application of a 100% silicone coating over single ply roofing is a sustainable restoration solution.  It seals without fail, every pinhole, seam, and potential crack 100%.  It adds tremendous reflectivity as can be seen in the photos below to an almost blinding level.

Fluid applied roofing may be the most cost effective solution for any roof restoration project but not all coatings are water proof.  Some coatings are water based and provide little moisture protection but may be reflective while other coatings are waterproof and reflective.  Make sure you are choosing the correct coating for your specific application and needs.  A coat of paint is not a roof.


MAC Roofing Services, “Cooling off Nevada (and NV Energy), one roof at a time.”

Polyurethane Foam Re-Roof

Mid 20th Century Construction

One of the great fears with mid-century construction is “Asbestos”.  By installing a Spray Foam Roof System over an old heat absorbing asphalt based roof, we have encapsulated any asbestos containing materials in accordance with EPA standards.

We can eliminate, in most cases, the need to tear off and remove the asbestos which makes it friable or air born.  It laminates it in place because of its fluid applied properties.

Not only can we eliminate a potential $10,000.00 asbestos abatement nightmare and the hazardous condition, we are adding an R-7 per inch of foam to a home that was built before good energy standards were developed in Las Vegas.

Never reroof again by installing a lifetime roof.  Lower your power bill. Eliminate a potential environmental hazard.  Have a leak free roof for ever with a lifetime warranty.

Zero Net Energy Custom Homes

National Association of Home Builders New American Home

When contracting for an International Standard Model Home and the requirement is for it to be a Zero Net Energy home, it is all about the building envelope.  The application of Spray Poly-Urethane completes the building envelope at the roof line.  The Department of Energy estimates that as much as 40% of a homes energy loss is created as result of energy loss through walls, ceiling, roof and exterior elements such as poorly sealed windows.

The foam roof contributes the greatest amount of energy savings possible in LAS VEGAS desert because not only does it seal 100% of the joints in the plywood and pipes and roof jacks at the roof line, thus eliminating energy loss through infiltration and ex-filtration of conditioned air, it also has a reflectivity of over 78% reducing radiant heat absorption into the structure.

At 3 inches thick, it is providing an additional insulation value of R-21 and combining that with the air barrier design and the reflectivity it is providing an effective R-value of over 28 to the homes thermal protection.

The other element of advanced design for a New American Home is sustainability.  Poly-Urethane Foam is the only sustainable roof system on the market.  While other roof systems have a finite life cycle and will require replacement at end of its serviceable life, the Poly-Urethane Foam roof can be 100% renewed with an application of fresh UV protecting coating along with some minor service.   A Poly-Urethane Foam roof will last as long as the home stands.  It is a lifetime roof system.

Between 2008 and 2012, MAC Roofing Services was the contractor of record on 4 New American Homes.  Three of these models for the International Builders Show in Las Vegas were contracted by Blue Heron Homes  and one was contracted by Element Builders.  To view these impressive modern homes and see the roof via sky-decks, go to Marquis 7-Hills and to Sky-Terrace in Green Valley Ranch.

Since the first of these homes was constructed in 2008 for Blue Heron Homes, through 2015, MAC Roofing has installed Spray Foam Roofing on more than 14 million feet of roof area in Las Vega and more than 30 million feet of foam roofing and coatings since 1996.  This makes MAC Roofing the undeniable leader in Green Roof construction in Nevada. and your first choice for sustainable roof construction.

“Cooling Off Nevada, One Roof at a Time”

Home Renovation

The poorly constructed room renovation was built with less than code for insulation so the foam roofing was applied at 2 inches thick for an insulation value of R-14 to help achieve the lower power bills as an added benefit to the new homeowner.   The solution to many of these problems however, is not to tear the structure down and start over, it was to find a solution that improves the deficiencies at a fraction of the cost of a rebuild




Motor Home Restoration

Once this old deteriorated single ply roof rubber roof has been washed thoroughly and details resealed with appropriate and compatible butter grade sealants, it is ready for a new life.

The silicone coating is far and away the most coast effective long term solution for single ply roofing restoration.  The silicone coating is self cleaning with a good rainfall or a hose.  As is the case with silicone bake ware, nothing sticks to silicone.  From pigeon droppings to tree sap and road grime, a good rainfall will clean this roof.

It has a solar reflective index of over 80% and will therefore reflect over 80% of radiant heat from transferring into this RV.  Because it is fluid applied it is seamless and because it is not lesser, but available water based acrylic coating, it is also waterproof and wont wash away over a period of time.

Downtowner Apartments

As part of the Downtown beautification projects in Las Vegas, this historic building built in the early 50’s has been refurbished many times over the past 7 decades.  With each remodel and new roofing systems failing prematurely due to so many alterations on the roof, compounded by years of water ponding on this roof creating increasingly deeper ponding issues over time, the only choice for this client was Spray Poly-Urethane Foam Roofing.

Foam roofing is the only seamless roofing system on the market.  It has self-flashing properties because it is spray applied, which completely seals new pipes, vents and, wall details in a leak free fashion.

As well, because the foam roofing can be sprayed at any thickness, MAC Roofing was able to improve drainage by building up low areas and reduce the pooling of water on the roof by over 94%.  This system once installed has effectively reduced the dead load on this building by over 3 tons of water standing on the roof after a heavy rain, and in turn, reduced the load to the walls and improved the structural integrity of the entire building.

The insulating properties of the roof have reduced the energy consumption by almost 20%.