In many cases, conventional roofing systems using products such as asphalt, capsheet, metal, or single-ply roofing systems can have their serviceable life extended through the application of protective coatings.

Even though coatings do not constitute a new roof, by lowering the surface temperature of an asphalt-based roof, the migration of petroleum distillates from the membrane can be minimized. In turn, an asphalt roof with a finite life of fifteen years, can typically be extended an additional eight to ten years with the installation of an appropriate commercial-grade coating system.

Many types of coatings exist, including urethane, silicone, acrylic, and hybrid coatings. Each of these coatings have different applications that are dependent on individual needs and expectations.

A professionally installed coating restoration through MAC Roofing Services can be amortized in the first year versus a complete re-roof, which is amortized over the lifetime of the roof. Please inquire with MAC Roofing Services to find the best fit for your project.

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